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At Makrana Marble Emporium, the marble handicrafts are reflection of artistic brilliance captured in one of the most beautiful stones gifted to mankind-Marble; a symbol of purity and perfection. When crafted in the hands our master craftsmen and subsequently polished and finished to perfection, the beauty marble items are endowed with is truly amazing and enchanting.

Since natural marble has color variations from quarry to quarry, to ensure the consistent look of our products, we cut all the components required for an item from the same marble block.
Our exquisite range of marble products & artifacts are available in traditional as well as contemporary styles that are designed to add a delicate touch to your environment.

With distinguished designs, vibrant colors, impeccable finish and great prices, our products are specially carved to cater to our clients' aesthetic tastes.

Color and style co-ordination is chosen to enhance the intrinsic value of each piece carved. Every piece is uniquely hand-made and meets client's expectation.
We use latest machines to give our production a flawless finish. Wholesale supplier and exporter of world class Indian Marble Stone.

State-of-the-art machines are used to process our range of marble selected from prime quarries located in the Makrana, Rajasthan, India. We supply all kinds of marble items for any kind of uses. We not only offer standard finishes like polished hammered but also specialize in fabrication of counter tops manufactured with perfect edge finish.

Every product that we manufacture is carved out of premium quality marble stone. We have the required experience, expertise and depth of range to provide you with just the right expression for your dreams.
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